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sticky notepad duets 

designed by Draco Rosa

limited edition

100 premium acuarela pages per pad

2 notepads per pack

ALL Draco Rosa

stationery goods

from blank cards, totes, pouches and stationery goods designed by Draco Rosa

now shipping worldwide

Draco Rosa

Draco Rosa is a multi-talented artist whose passion for music, agriculture and now motorcycles and hot rods, knows no bounds. From his sold out shows globally, to his latest album "Sound Healing 1:11," where he explored sonic frequencies beneficial to the body and heart, it's clear that Draco Rosa is a true visionary. 


Not content to rest on his laurels, Draco has taken a new direction and started a company specializing in handmade custom motorcycles and hot rods. The new venture is located right in the heart of San Juan, where he has also set up a tattoo parlor and a coffee bar featuring his celebrated Puerto Rican coffee, Cafe Draco Rosa.  


As if all that weren't enough, Draco is set to release a new album, "Life After Vida," featuring several legendary artists recorded live. And, in a new collaboration with Just B Cuz luxury cards and stationery goods, Draco is set to bring his unique artistic vision to a whole new audience. 


Draco Rosa embodies the spirit of creativity and perseverance, always pushing himself to new heights and embracing new challenges. Watching his career evolve and transform is truly an inspiration, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us next.

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